Place an Order - Dual Xeon 5520 240GB SSD Preconfig - 29.00/Month

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  • 2.26GHz - 2 processors
  • 8 Cores / 16 threads
  • 24GB DDR3
  • 240GB SSD
  • 1Gbit unmetered
  • 5 usable IPv4 Address
  • /64 IPv6 Address Block**

1Gbit Port: Unmetered
Order Summary
Service Selection Price
Main Hard Drive 240GB SSD $ 0.00
Ram 24GB $ 0.00
IPv4 /29 IP Block (8 Ips, 5 usable) $ 0.00
Bandwidth 1Gbit Port: Unmetered $ 0.00
Operating System Alma Linux 8 (latest) $ 0.00
Total Monthly $ 29.00
Total Due Today $ 29.00

Preconfigured-Instant Activation Servers Limitations: Preconfigured servers cannot be modified. Our preconfigured servers are designed for quick deployment. Preconfigured servers hardware (CPU/RAM/HDD) or bandwidth cannot be added or modified. Operating system options for preconfigured systems are limited to available selections as noted above. KVM services are not provided for preconfigured servers. You can request additional IP ranges on your preconfigured server through our automated system once your server is online. IPs are available at $1.50 per IP per month for one /29 IP block per server per 30-day billing period.